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Mass Flow Controllers

The provided Mass Flow Controllers are the gadgets used to gauge and regulate the progression of gases and fluids. These are structured and adjusted to control a particular sort of gas or fluid at a specific scope of circulation rates. They can be provided with a setpoint ranging from 0 to 100% of their full scale yet are regularly run in the 10- 90% of complete scale where the best precision is accomplished. Our Mass Flow Controllers will regulate the pace of stream to the provided setpoint. These can be either simple or computerized.

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Batch type Mass Flow Controller

Price: 65000 INR/Piece

Batch type mass flow controller make Precission Measurements & Flow Systems is customized product with complete access to the user to program the batches of the Mass Flow Controller. The variety of cycles of flowrates can be achieved from the same Mass Flow Controller. Like 3 cycles of 40 cc/min with 2 seconds delay after each cycle ..then 4 cycles of 3 cc/min with 10 minutes delay after each cycle...and so on . It can be also called as Graphical Mass Flow Controller . A certain graph with various peaks can be achieved with accuracy.

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Dosing System

Price: 70000.00 - 200000.00 INR/Piece

Dosing System for equal interval flow dispersion of gases and liquids.

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Mass Flow Controller

Price: 48000 INR/Piece

Mass Flow Controllers High accuracy with unbeatable Stability