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Micro Flow

As the national pioneer in exactness liquid estimation and control, our company keeps on advancing thermal mass stream innovation. From stream sensors and Micro Flow frameworks, we consistently dispatch new items and improve existing frameworks to open new degrees of mass estimation exactness, responsiveness, precision as well as repeatability. These are built to fulfill dainty film, semiconductor and other cutting-edge industry necessities. The offered Micro Flow controllers are quick and exact to set up stable stream. They come to their setpoints quicker than any others that empowers them to stifle changes in line pressure prior to these impact the customers’ procedure downstream.
Product Image ( Liquid Micro Flow)

Liquid Micro flow

Price: 25000 INR/Piece

Liquid Micro flow meters for extreme low flow applications. Ranges: 3 to 10 ml/min,10 to 100 ml/min, 100 to 1000 ml/min, 200 to 2000 ml/min.

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Gases Micro Flow

Price: 35000 INR/Piece

Micro Flow meters are specially desigined for extreme flowrates of 0 to 30......500 sccm. For All gases.